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Become a Spirit-Empowered Evangelist

This Evangelism Masterclass is rich with specialized teaching and practical application for those who are specifically called to be evangelists. Many resources are available for pastors, but this course was created with the God-called evangelist in mind. You will learn how to clearly communicate the Gospel message whether it is to masses of people, your community, or to your next door neighbor.

This course is designed to quickly accelerate your ministry. You do not have to wait decades to do something great for God. You can get started today.

What is an Evangelist?

Paul teaches in Ephesians 4:11 that the evangelist is a vital role in the building up of the Church. All of the five-fold ministry gifts are needed in the body of Christ–including the evangelist. The Church is desperately in need of more people who will boldly proclaim the Gospel and equip others to share their faith. A global harvest of souls is waiting, and it is time for evangelists to rise up.

Enroll in this course today to begin your journey into walking in the fullness of what God has designed evangelists to be for His glory.

Joe Oden

"In order to be effective as an evangelist, it is vital for you to be supernaturally empowered by the Holy Spirit."

Daniel King

Our Goal is Every Soul!

Siegfried Tomazsewski

"The Gospel was given from above, and is not from the world, but for the world."

Bernie Moore

The world needs more evangelists because the harvest is big.

Rubens Cunha

This is God's time for evangelists to arise!

LaDonna Osborn

Evangelism is easy. If you are full of Jesus it pours out of you.

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Who teaches these classes?

As you take this course, you will learn from some of the leading evangelists in the world today. Your teachers include:

Daniel Kolenda; Jean-Luc Trachsel; Andrew Palau; Ben Fitzgerald; Bernie Moore; Dr. Daniel King; Donna Schambach; Jason Frenn; Jeri Hill; Joe Oden; Dr. LaDonna Osborn; Mattheus van der Steen; Nathan Morris; Raphaël Anzenberger; Rubens Cunha; Russell "Russ" Benson; Siegfried Tomazsewski; Teó Hayashi