Join the Evangelism Masterclass on "How to Lead People to Jesus"

Do you have a heart for evangelism? Would you like to learn from experienced evangelists who know how to lead people to Jesus and move in the gifts of the Spirit?

In this online training, you will be discipled by some of today’s leading evangelists in the field. Not only will you be inspired, but you will be equipped to confidently share the Gospel while learning that signs and wonders are an integral part of the message.

Best of all, this course is absolutely FREE!

Every believer has been commissioned to share the Gospel. Whether you are seasoned in evangelism or have never communicated the message of redemption, this free course has been designed to strengthen, encourage, and embolden you as a witness for Christ.

By the way, did we mention that course enrollment is FREE?

Enroll today! And join countless others who are actively seeking to fulfill The Great Commission in our generation on a global scale.

Joe Oden

This is a great class that will empower you to tell people about Jesus.

Anna Christiansen

Every believer needs to learn how to share his or her faith with boldness.

Daniel King

Telling people about Jesus is easy. This course will help you become a mighty Spirit-Empowered witness.

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Who Will Be Your Teachers?

As you take this course, you will learn from some of the leading evangelists in the world today. Your teachers include:

Daniel Kolenda; Jean-Luc Trachsel, Dr. Daniel King, Andrew Palau; Joe Oden; Anne Christiansen; Chris Overstreet; Dr. Desmond Henry; Kevin Palau; Dr. LaDonna Osborn; Mattheus van der Steen; Matthew Helland; Michael Koulianos; Mikel French; Nick Hall; Raphaël Anzenberger; Rubens Cunha; Todd White; Wendy Palau

Powerful Teaching on How to Lead People to Jesus!

Well-known evangelists from around the world gathered together in a studio setting to share insights from their years of experience in evangelistic ministry. All of this is designed to empower you to lead people to Jesus.